• You might be checking out this site because you have heard Dean’s top twenty radio hit “What Me Worry?”
  •  Or maybe because you heard that there is some listenable adult contemporary music here. 
  • Or maybe you want to find a live venue to come here Dean sing and meet new and old friends. 
  • Or maybe you came looking for Dean Backholm and Cheryl Ashton's new music video, "Long Way Home"
  • Or maybe you want to buy Dean’s debut CD “A Question For You” or download a single off of the CD.

Whatever the reason, get ready to feel good. That is what Dean’s music is all about.

Click on the “music” tab and see what the buzz is all about. (And while you are there, download the title cut single “A Question For You” for FREE.)

Upcoming Events

June 2016
Check back later for updates.
July 2016
Check back later for updates.

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